The Power Of The Blood

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Did you know Jesus’ Blood has a Voice and His Blood speaks? The precious Blood of Jesus is something that every believer has heard of, but does the Church really understand what it means to walk in the full power and authority of His Blood? Applying the Blood of Jesus is a source of tremendous power that the Holy Spirit wants the Church to use daily! So, we must learn how to tap into all that power in order to keep our enemy where he belongs – under our feet! In this eye-opening study, Carolyn Savelle walks us through the scriptures to help us understand the power that is available to us.

She reveals what the Word teaches regarding: Old Testament blood sacrifices, recognizing the Blood as holy, pleading the Blood of Jesus, expecting protection through the Blood and overcoming the enemy by the Blood.


SKU: 3082-BK

0000795 The Faithful Shall Flourish 550

The Faithful Shall Flourish (Book)

All of us want to flourish and have days of Heaven on Earth! God wants us to flourish and experience days of heaven on the Earth! His Word has promised this. But notice, He qualified who shall flourish by using one word 'faithful' " it's the faithful that

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